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littledragon, at their Tumblr IRL (by meganpicturetaker).


    littledragon, at their Tumblr IRL (by meganpicturetaker).

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  4. So now we’ve come full circle
    You wanted my number, you were hitting me up everyday
    And you reeled me in
    Saying all this shit you never meant and doing all these things for show
    And man did I fall for all the tricks
    Believed all of the lies
    Thinking you weren’t like every other nigga, because my judgment was clouded by your education and our commonalities
    But boy was it all a show, a show I payed the ultimate ticket price for it
    Now 9 months too late I’ve come to see you’re just like every other nigga if not worse
    You’re that nigga in sheep’s clothing
    Putting on a facade to get what you want
    But I guess thats what it’s all about right? Playing the “game”
    What’s funny about it all is that you have no idea I know and think im too much of an idiot to figure it out
    Even though you reeled me in you haven’t kept me on the line

  5. You’ve been so unavailable
    Now sadly I know why
    Your heart is unobtainable
    Even though Lord knows you kept mine

  6. when the situation is no longer benefiting you, but you can’t seem to let it go

  7. It’s a really good sign that you hold my mind is true
    And I’ve been thinking of what to say all night to you
    So you wanna be a man about it, do you?
    And have you figured out all you wanted, have you?